Bad At Being Broken – out now

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Thanks for coming by. Kick off your shoes, come sit with me in my feelings, and stay a while.
Nashville-based singer/songwriter Alexis Donn has begun her next chapter as a solo artist after spending a couple years penning for some of the biggest EDM acts in the world. Her self-deprecating voice and her ability to pull your heart into the story she’s telling makes you feel like you’re there in the room writing with her, and maybe even crying a little, at 2 in the morning.

Donn quickly made a name for herself as one of the premiere vocalists and songwriters in the electronic genre. With a sweet voice and a knack for clever, relatable lyrics, Donn captured the attention of many top-tier producers across the world. Her first release of 2020, “Only You” with Dexter King, set fire and landed the highly desirable slot of home screen song for the hugely popular video game Rocket League for half of 2020, since being synced across several additional video games. She followed up the high energy of “Only You” with a series of dynamic house tracks that also made big impressions, bringing Donn 4.8 million streams in 2020 alone.

With collaborations scheduled with some of the biggest names in electronic music and her own solo project beginning, Donn is excited branch out and keep building in 2021. 


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