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I believe in total honesty. I believe in true love. I believe in sarcasm. And I believe in starting sentences with ‘and’ even though my elementary school teachers would be disappointed because I think it gives a beautiful, run-on effect like many of my lyrics. PS thanks for listening, you’d really be the bee’s knees if bees had knees. XOXOX AD

Welcome to my online music diary. This is where I blog about my music process, the decisions behind the music I make, and you can even listen to my music and sign up for my email list here as well! I’m super appreciative of your support and time, and am so glad you are here. Never be afraid to drop me a note if you like what you hear – I even put in a handy dandy contact page on this sweet WordPress site you can use to send me comments, questions, or sign up for my email list. Thank you, 21st century.

You can keep up with the big announcements on my social media, but this site will offer blog posts about why I create what I do and my email list will show you how I create it! If you want to know what projects are coming next, what collaborations with other producers I have going on, or what marketing strategies I’m using – you can sign up for my email list to find out – just go to my contact form and send me a note saying you’d like to join the email family. Also, we get to keep in touch that way which is pretty cool!

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