Better Days is here!

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Thanks for coming by. Kick off your shoes, come sit with me in my feelings, and stay a while.

After a debilitating nervous system condition suddenly took Alexis Donn from being a division one track athlete to barely walking, she promised herself if she could beat the odds and return to running, she could do anything – including achieving her quietly kept musical dreams. Now four years into remission, Donn has spent two of those years penning and featuring on songs for some of the biggest EDM acts in the world (Tiesto, Excision, Culture Code) – amassing millions of streams and a string of video game placements – and is now ready to introduce her solo singer/songwriter project. Her delicate voice, self-deprecating tendencies, and ability to pull your soul into the story she’s telling make you feel like you’re there in the room writing with her – and sometimes crying a little – at two in the morning. With a raw authenticity and perspective that Donn credits to the post-traumatic effects from her illness, her artistry is aimed to help her listeners heal, feel seen, and remind them they aren’t alone.


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