The Story Behind Drum’s Covert Art

Welcome to my site! I’m pretty jazzed about it. Shoutout to WordPress for this awesome black and white theme to go with my black and gold! Really grateful because your girl is no engineer. God bless the ‘press.

You’re probably wondering why I brought you here. Or probably not. Because I told you what this post was about. Well, wait no longer. Here is the story and symbolism behind Drum’s cover art.

I knew I wanted the art to be black, gold and white. As I mentioned to my email family, I am a big believer that life is full of darkness and lightness. It’s inevitable; but I chose gold specifically not because of its reference to any type of wealth or power, but because of it’s shine. The gold innately glows from within – like people do. Like goodness does. Like God does. Good and gold are ironically only a letter apart. So are gold and God. But, I digress.

The lily is the true glory of this cover art, though. I am so excited the lily is the focal piece. Not only will I be carrying lilies down the aisle in my wedding bouquet in March because they are my mom and I’s favorite flower, but they have the most insanely beautiful symbolism and history.

The lily has so many associations and divine symbols it’s hard to keep count. Their biblical presence is undeniable, and they are often associated with Jesus Christ himself, the Virgin Mary, and restored innocence after death. There is a very interesting dive into the meaning of lilies in the Bible here. Lilies were often depicted with the Virgin Mary in early paintings, and are referenced to grow amidst thorns in verses from the Bible. They are the light among the dark, the divine amongst the earthly.

When I heard that lilies symbolize restored innocence after death, I couldn’t help but think of second chances. The reason I started to pursue music in the first place was because I told myself if I could overcome POTS Syndrome, I could do anything – and should do anything I dreamed of. After being diagnosed right after Easter my sophomore year of college and daring to call myself healthy again a year and a half later, I felt that anything was possible. I know the recovery was due to God, my amazing family, Grant, and friends, and they gave me a second chance I wasn’t so sure I’d get. There was no guarantee in health, and there were days I wasn’t sure we’d achieve it. So when I see a lily, I see so much more than a beautiful flower. I see goodness, I see God, and I see possibility. I see my loved ones, and I see second chances.

Drum was an easy choice when it came to deciding what my introduction to my pop sound would be. It’s a strong, resilient personal anthem that means a lot to me. I wanted to make sure the cover art was powerful as well, and I’m very proud to say I think Grant and I did a great job bringing this track visually to life. The songs that will follow Drum will be empowering as well – you will discover quickly if you didn’t know already that I’m a firm believer in speaking your mind. Hope you’re ready 🙂



“Best new artist. — Billboard” – Alexis Donn


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